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New Moderator!

#1 Postby Clint » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:14 pm

Hi gang!

So, it's my pleasure to officially announce that SavageGamerGirl will be acting as a special Moderator for the forums.

Her primary job is going to be helping out with the spammers who post on the forums, especially during those times when it's harder for me to keep up with them (like during Gen Con coming up this week).

I know the spam posts can really start to stack up during those time (they always seem to know when I'm busy!), and I think this will make a huge difference. You won't need to do anything different; if you find a spammer, just post in the thread in Hey Pinnacle as usual.

Any Official Answer topic questions will still have to wait till I can get to them, and if anything more serious than a spammer occurs, that will be an issue for the Admins, but SGG can contact me in those rare instances where it both comes up and can't wait a few days.

Thanks to SavageGamerGirl for agreeing to help us out, and I think this will help quite a bit in keeping the spam posts down. :-D
Clint Black
Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager

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