Savage Canons of Conduct

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Savage Canons of Conduct

#1 Postby Clint » Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:23 am

Hi all,

This is an excellent post from the old Yahoo group that is elsewhere in the forum, but since discussions about other games and games in general tend to come up here, I thought I'd post it here too (though I think we'd hope these principles would be used anywhere fans discuss SW).

Canons of Conduct

1. As a representative of the Savage Worlds community, participate in mailing list and newsgroup discussions in a professional manner. Refrain from name-calling and use of vulgar language. Consider yourself a member of a virtual corporation with Mr. Hensley as your CEO. Your words will either enhance or degrade the image the reader has of the Savage Worlds community.
2. Avoid hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims at all costs. It’s unprofessional and will result in unproductive discussions.
3. A thoughtful, well-reasoned response to a posting will not only provide insight for your readers, but will also increase their respect for your knowledge and abilities.
4. Don’t bite if offered flame-bait. Too many threads degenerate into a "My RPG system is better than your RPG system" argument. Let’s accurately describe the capabilities of Savage Worlds and leave it at that.
5. Always remember that if you insult or are disrespectful to someone, their negative experience may be shared with many others. If you do offend someone, please try to make amends.
6. Focus on what Savage Worlds has to offer. There is no need to bash the competition. We have a good, solid product that stands on its own.
7. Respect the use of other RPG systems. While Savage Worlds is a wonderful game, it does not meet everyone’s needs.
8. Refer to another product by its proper name. There’s nothing to be gained by attempting to ridicule a company or its products by using "creative spelling". If we expect respect for Savage Worlds, we must respect other products.
9. Give credit where credit is due. Savage Worlds is just the core system. Without the efforts of people involved with supplements, playtesting, worlds books, conversions, mailng lists, and others too numerous to mention, the Savage Worlds system would not be very useful to most people.
10. Don’t insist that Savage Worlds is the only answer for a particular game. Just as the Savage Worlds community cherishes the freedom that Savage Worlds provides them, Savage Worlds only solutions would deprive others of their freedom.
11. There will be cases where Savage Worlds is not the answer. Be the first to recognize this and offer another solution.

[Note: Revised from the Linux Advocacy mini-HOW-TO by Paul "Rorschach" Tobia,
(original HOW-TO contributed by: Jon "maddog" Hall,; Greg Hankins,; Eric Ladner,; Martin Michlmayr,; C. J. Suire,; Lars Wirzenius,]
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