New System Needs Playtester

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New System Needs Playtester

#1 Postby DMbobby » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:19 pm

The small publishing group I work for has been developing a new RPG System over the last year, but now we need play testers. The times needed are a bit unusual so I know many won't qualify, but our play tests currently will be taking place during the day on weekdays. Currently times are flexible to any time between 9AM to 1PM US Eastern Standard Time for starting times on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Games should take about 2-3 hours each with character progression from 1st level all the way through maximum level over the course of a campaign. Rule of course will be subject to minor shifts, as well as user input required. In return players will be given pre-release PDFs of the system with materials pertinent to their character.and those that participate throughout the entire testing time will be given a full pre-release version of the finalized game. Those interested can send me a private message as we try to coordinate at least one testing group.

I know this isn't Savage World, but we have been heavily inspired by the rule set along with several others when crafting our system and would very much appreciate feed back from those versed in this system as well as others. We are in no way looking to pull attention away from Savage Worlds or other Pinnacle products.
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